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About Me

I remember my very first photo moment; I was on holiday with my parents in the small chalet by a lake. We stayed in pebble-dashed cottage with a red painted roof, nylon sheets, and old stove where my dad cooked the best camping food ever. I woke up early morning, as the bed was so uncomfortable and still barefoot I slipped outside the house to sit on the porch. It was a misty morning, the fog was covering the lake like a velvet blanket; the sun was about to rise when I suddenly saw an old fisherman in his boat. He appeared out of nowhere, wearing an old hat, silently moving towards me, I was both petrified and captivated by the moment at the same time. He did not say a word to me, but handed me a fish and disappeared into the first rays of sunlight breaking through the clouds. 

I often think of this moment while on my travels photographing the world. It is the legacy of the moment we see and feel. I started my career as a professional photographer on a cruise ship. I was exploring the world while working on board. Just seeing is not enough; I love to capture all the wonders of the world with my camera. Take a journey with me, this one is not for these faint hearted, but for anyone who can see the world with eyes wide open through my lens.